Shift.ms commissioned nine artists to bring to life a selection of statistics gathered from Sanofi Genzyme’s .vsMS survey. One of Shift.ms’ core beliefs is that people living with MS shouldn’t give up on their ambitions. Part of that means supporting the work of professionals living with the condition.

The following stories draw out many themes around relationships and intimacy. The themes; isolation, anxiety, self esteem, and memory loss to name a few, are not unique to MS, but are amplified when put in the context of living with a long term health condition.

Many of the artists involved hadn’t used their MS as a catalyst for a creative output before. This project has enabled those involved to focus their creative abilities inwards and explore how MS has impacted on specific aspects of their lives.

The artists have responded to the statistics through their prefered mediums, with their final pieces giving an insight into the human implications behind the statistics.The approach and engagement from each of the artists involved has been overwhelming.

They’ve created personal responses that broach both the positive and negative assumptions of the statistics. The collaboration highlights the many people living with MS who are skilled professionals. By working with these individuals to create visual communications about their lives with MS they deliver insights with an extraordinary depth and resonance.

For this project, the term ‘artists’ has encompassed authors, engineers, sculptors, painters and illustrators. The final outcomes have varied greatly, as has each approach to the brief. Something that this project has brought to light is that while individuals may come across similar themes while living with a neurological condition, their interpretation and responses can vary dramatically.

This project has been made possible with the support of Sanofi Genzyme, and through collaboration with Sanofi Genzyme's 'vs.MS' project.

“My hope for people with MS is that we all live our lives to the fullest. Part of my journey in life is to help as many people see that as possible, but I want people to also know that it's OK to feel that self doubt, and that I do [feel self-doubt] as well. I just want people to not feel alone, I want them to know that I am with them, I understand and that there are many people that understand.”
Marlo, participating artist